At Future HSC we believe in treating everyone with whom we come into contact with respect and as a unique and valuable human being. We believe that if we begin with ourselves and demonstrate behaviour that is both professional and compassionate, that will serve as a model for those we work with and will establish a culture in and around Future HSC in which these values are embedded.

For that reason we ask all our staff to sign our Code of Conduct when they start to work with us so that they have committed themselves to acting in accordance with its requirements.

The Code sets out the conduct that is expected of staff providing care and support services at Future HSC and also serves to inform service users, tenants, families, carers, our partners from other agencies, and the wider public, about our standards of working practice.

Some of the key elements of the Code of Conduct include:

  • Protecting the rights and promoting the interests of those we support;
  • Establishing an atmosphere of trust and confidence;
  • Promoting independence amongst our client base whilst also protecting them from harm;
  • Being accountable for the quality of our work and taking responsibility for continually; enhancing our knowledge and skills.

You can view and download a copy of our Code of Conduct.