All our tenants receive support to maintain their tenancies from our Housing Officers in addition to any care and support packages they may receive from other providers.

Our Housing Officers maintain regular contact with our tenants, including visiting them in their homes, and can offer assistance with a range of issues including:

  • maintaining the property in a secure and well-kept state
  • ensuring repair and maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely and thorough fashion
  • making sure all equipment at a property is in good working order
  • monitoring and addressing any health and safety issues at the property and managing necessary inspections
  • managing issues around nuisance, rubbish, vandalism and damage thus generally ensuring that the property continues to be a quality living environment

Our Housing Officers can also assist in a more personal way by:

  • supporting tenants with rent and financial matters, including discussing benefit needs
  • signposting tenants to other services and facilities in the locality that might enhance their life and general well-being
  • hearing and responding to tenants’ needs, views, and suggestions
  • assisting with tenant involvement in planning, reviewing and improving Future HSC’s services

One of our Housing Officers, Shamrez Mohammed, speaks of his role as follows:

”My work as a Housing Officer encompasses a lot more that the basic job description now that we are supporting tenants with mental health issues, learning disabilities, and those referred to us by the Probation Service.  It involves not merely supporting people with their tenancies and helping them achieve more independence, but also assisting them to access local services, to build bridges, and to become part of their local community which they might find challenging at times.”

This role gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction.  You have aims and goals and, although the process of gaining more independence might take people a long time, you do eventually see the results.  You feel that both you and the tenant have achieved something important.”       

One of our most long-standing Housing Officers, Mark Brookes describes the enormous satisfaction he derives from his work assisting people to develop and grow supported by the secure base of their tenancies:

‘We feel we are there to encourage, to uplift, to help people improve their quality of life, to help them prepare better to move on independently and to signpost them to other services and activities in their communities.  The reward for us is seeing that things are coming together for our tenants; that they’re giving us feedback that they’re feeling better and that they’re becoming more active and happier.  Some of our tenants have come from difficult situations such as hospital or prison, and it is very satisfying to see them beginning to realise their potential. If people are ready, we can support them into volunteer or paid work and generally work with them to avoid them becoming isolated and discouraged again.”