We see Training and Development as part of our overall commitment to people at Future HSC.

We therefore incorporate a love of learning and personal growth into all we do.This keeps us all motivated and engaged with our work and the people we support. It also enhances our service delivery by ensuring we use current good practice at all times.


Training our staff is a key priority at Future HSC. Staff begin with an INITIAL INDUCTION PROGRAMME that starts on their first day of employment with us. We attach high importance to supportive induction so this Programme lasts four weeks and each staff member is closely mentored during this time.

Staff then move on to our full STAFF TRAINING PROGRAMME which continues throughout their time with us and, in keeping with our mission at Future HSC,  has a strong emphasis on the needs of vulnerable people, mental health awareness, and good practice in health and social care. Staff receive both in-house training and external training from other providers. This has included training from the Mental Health Providers on The Recovery Star.

The training needs of each member of staff and of the organization are carefully considered as staff progress through this Programme.

In addition to training, we are also committed to DEVELOPING OUR STAFF personally while they are with us.   Through Supervision and Appraisal the progress and needs of each staff member are identified and supported. We also have a keen eye for particular strengths and talents amongst our staff members and invite them to develop those in the Future HSC context if they so wish.


We are very committed to providing our tenants and service users opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge and to grow in confidence and awareness.  We have been able to do that by our INVOLVING PEOPLE activities within the organization have included SKILLS TRAINING to support people with participation in our Flexible Future Forum and Friends of Future groups.

The opportunities we offer to tenants and service users to take part in both the Skills Training courses and the Forum and Friends groups is part of our commitment of DEVELOPING TENANTS  AND SERVICE USERS  whilst they are with us here at Future HSC. Many of them have told us that these activities have helped them to gain more confidence, express their views clearly and speak in public.

We have also been able to train and support tenants and service users to delivery training which has been a great source of satisfaction for all involved.  This has included a Training Session on Person-Centred  Planning in which one of our service users, who went on to become a tenant and volunteer with us, delivers training on the Ladder Support Plan which he has developed (link with Michael’s video) .


We are committed to BOARD TRAINING and support our Board Members are required to keep themselves fully informed of developments in relevant fields including legal developments, government policy and governance matters. Thus they attend a range of externally-provided training sessions and workshops and bring back their learning to share with other Board Members and for dissemination through in-house training to staff, tenants and service users.

We are also keen on DEVELOPING OUR BOARD and encourage their participation in a range of local and community organizations including membership of the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust and long-standing service as a Governor in local schools.

As with all our Future people, we are always happy to support Board Members in their personal development either through encouraging their participation in relevant learning and activities or by supporting them in particular projects.